The committee's pronouncements will reverse nutrition policy

“Keep the paperbook ready, Mr. Nariman on December 18. We will not give even one day's extension (for preparing the appeal grounds)” Chief Justice repeats amidst the loud buzz of excitement from the crowd in the court. So farewell dietary cholesterol and total fat as risk factors worth worrying aboutRecently, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released its recommendations for the next edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans.1 Two notable conclusions of the committee have attracted particular attention2 3: the elimination of dietary cholesterol as a “nutrient of concern” and the absence of a limit on total fat consumption. The committee's pronouncements will reverse nutrition policy because the low cholesterol, low fat diet has been the cornerstone of public health nutrition since 1980. In this editorial I will review the evidence for this change in policy from a historical perspective.Fat is bad The low cholesterol, low fat diet for preventing heart attacks was popularised in the first part of the 20th century.

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