Andrews certainly was not chosen over Oliver to be Fox's chief

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cheap nfl jerseys Team and that the atmosphere we wanted to have. Walls that used to be a bland off white color are now brown and covered in photos of present and past Broncos. Leather seats, new logos and a modern feel are present throughout the entire building. Shanks’ decision to shelve the 53 year old Pam Oliver in favor of Andrews was “boorish and ageist.” Andrews is 17 years younger than Oliver, who had been Fox's top NFL sideline reporter for 12 seasons. Andrews certainly was not chosen over Oliver to be Fox's chief sideline NFL reporter because of her superior journalistic ability, experience, or interviewing skills. That is a simple a statement of fact self evident to anyone who watches the NFL on Fox, has seen both Oliver and Andrews at work, and understands the English language.. cheap nfl jerseys

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